VidBooks AI Review: AI Powered Animated Video Books Maker

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VidBooks AI Review: AI Powered Animated Video Books Maker

Hey there, fellow readers! Today, I'm gonna tell you about this super cool thing called VidBooks AI. It's like having a magic wand for making awesome video books! Let's dive in!

VidBooks AI, created by Clicks Botz, is this amazing software that helps you make video books easily. It launched on March 20, 2024, and it's been making waves since! You can get it for just $17. Cool, right?

What's VidBooks AI All About?

So, imagine you have this robot friend who helps you make video books. That's VidBooks AI! It's like having a super smart buddy who can make video books for you. All you have to do is give it some keywords, and bam! It makes a whole video book for you.


What Can VidBooks AI Do?

  1. Make Video Books with AI Magic: VidBooks AI uses super cool AI (that's artificial intelligence) to make video books. You just tell it what you want, and it does the rest.
  2. Speak Out Loud and Highlighted Words: It's like having a storyteller in your video book! VidBooks AI can read the story out loud and even highlight the words as it goes.
  3. Easy Peasy Publishing: Once your video book is ready, you can share it with the world! Put it on Amazon, Google Books, or Etsy for everyone to see.

How Does VidBooks AI Work?

  1. Log In: First, you log in to the VidBooks AI dashboard.
  2. Give Keywords: Then, you tell VidBooks AI what your video book should be about.
  3. Publish and Have Fun: Finally, you publish your book and start enjoying it!


Awesome Features of VidBooks AI:

  • You can make video books for any category, like stories, science, or even games!
  • It's super easy to use, even if you're new to making books.
  • You can make books in any language, which is really cool!
  • There are lots of fun effects you can add, like sound effects and music.
  • And guess what? You can even make money with it by selling your books!

What's the Price?

The basic VidBooks AI is $17, but there are some extra cool features you can get too! There's a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: It's really easy to use, and you can make all sorts of awesome books!
  • Cons: Sometimes it might be a bit tricky for beginners, but you'll get the hang of it!


Who Should Try VidBooks AI?

  • People who sell stuff online
  • Anyone with a website
  • Folks who love social media
  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers and video makers
  • Coaches and trainers

Bonus Fun Stuff:

VidBooks AI even comes with some bonus goodies like SendPal, Soundio, MarketAi, and SEOMate! They're like extra treats for using VidBooks AI.


In Conclusion:

VidBooks AI is like having a super smart friend who helps you make awesome video books. It's perfect for anyone who loves telling stories and sharing them with the world. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out and start making your own magical video books with VidBooks AI today!

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